#1  -  Thomas - "Tommy" Sheehan

High School:Sterling High School, Stratford NJ
Grad. Year:2014
GPA:4.46 Weighted Avg, Cumm Avg 103.635
Class Rank:1
Intended College Major:Engineering
  Soccer Information
H.S. Soccer:Sterling High School, Stratford NJ
:2012 All State Selection
:2012 All South Jersey, 2nd Team
:2012-2011,1st Team, All Conference (M)
:2012 Captain
:2012 MVP
:2011 Offensive MVP
:Junior, Sophmore, Freshman - Varsity Starter
:HS Leading Scorer 23 Goals/31 Assists
Club Soccer:South Jersey Elite Barons "95-96"- 2011-2012
:2012 Bethesda All Events Team
:TBAA Cobras 2006-2010 - Leading Scorer/Assists
:Three Lions Academy - Summer 2010 (Played U16)
:Cherry Hill SC Roma - Summer 2009
:South Jersey Select - Summer 2008
:Tarkill Soccer Club
:Class President-Junior, Sophmore, Freshman Year
:Jr/Soph/Fresh Starter-Spring Track (800-2.03 & Mile-4.54)
:Swimteam Captain/Swim Relays 2012/11-1st Team All Conference
:IndivSwim-2nd Team All Conference, Varsity-Soph/Fresh
:Student of the Month,Renaissance Academic Nominee-Work Ethic
:Stratford Swim Team (Age 5 - Current)
Club Coach:Scott Middlemass (856)308-2079, Don D’Ambra (267)688-4130
H.S. Coach:2012-2010 HS Pete Marlys (609)502-3485
Other:Fred Moss (TBAA Maps Coach) (856) 912-1777
  Coaches Comments
Coaches Comments:

Coach Fred Moss: "I am eager to see him excel academically and athletically at the College level. Thomas is a born leader and has had a positive impact with the success of our team. His enthusiasm, intelligence, loyalty, diligence, and sheer soccer abilities have helped our team compete consistently with a high level of success. Thomas allows his soccer knowledge and commitment to do his talking on the field in both training and games. Thomas was the captain of our team and leads by example. He is highly coachable and processes great communication skills. He is mature beyond his years. He senses the moments to rise to occasions and has scored numerous game-winning goals. Thomas is far from a one dimensional player. He possesses a multi-dimensional approach as he is extremely skilled and knowledgeable in all positions on the field. He has played all positions and many formations in his support of his team’s success without any heartburn."

DOB 09/04/1995
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 155 lbs